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Swift 5 is here! 🤩 Check how to install it in Xcode.

Apple released Swift 5.0 development snapshot (toolchain) for the developers to get a taste of the new language. An Xcode toolchain (.xctoolchain) includes a copy of the compiler, lldb, and other related tools needed to

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Method Swizzling in Swift

I was recently introduced to method swizzling in Swift. This allows the implementation for a selector (i.e., method) to be changed as a program executes. Method swizzling is the act of swapping the implementations of

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Types of Navigation in iOS!

There are three basic types of Navigation mechanism in iOS : Push Navigation Modal Navigation Tab Navigation Push Navigation A push Segue is adding another VC to the navigation stack. This assumes that VC that

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Swift – Don’t use forced unwrapping!

In this post, Let’s see what happens If we forced unwrap things and the crashes that it creates. Let me take 3 simple classes. User UserAccount WishList [crayon-5f0ae6fc950ed899268086/] Here I want to check the account

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Swift – Class and Static Methods

Both the static and class methods can only be accessed with the class as they are not Instance methods. [crayon-5f0ae6fc95301730212161/] The only difference between static and class methods is, Class methods can be overridden but

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