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Swift – Don’t use forced unwrapping!

In this post, Let’s see what happens If we forced unwrap things and the crashes that it creates.
Let me take 3 simple classes.
  1. User
  2. UserAccount
  3. WishList

Here I want to check the account of the user. Then only we need to check the wish list of the user and notify if items are available in the wish list.
I am creating user instance and passing it to a function which checks user’s account first and then wish list and then notifies the user on items availability.

First, I need to check user’s account optional value.
What If we forced unwrap and access user’s account object.

Application gets crashed with a fatal error.
fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value
This is because, we haven’t assigned UserAccount object for user.
I am assigning it now.

If we run the app, It will not get crashed. To avoid this crash, What we can do is, We can check with If let as shown below

Like this we are checking the optional user account object and proceeding only if the value is not nil.
For checking a single object is fine using If lets. What If we have chain of objects need to be checked like in our example.
  1. User’s account should be checked
  2. User’s wish list object should be checked
In handling chain of optional objects, guard helps a lot in checking all the optional nil conditions in a single statement and returning the function execution If any of the optionals are nil.
Let me show you how.

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